What's the biggest difference between living abroad and just traveling abroad, and which one is more challenging?

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What's the biggest difference between living abroad and just traveling abroad, and which one is more challenging?

Terrell Pasley For sure, living. You only see fun stuff wehn traveling. When you live in a place you have to deal with reality.
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Cha Jones Thanks Terrell Pasley can you expound on the realities (interviewer speaking)
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Shauna Griffiths Well I think living abroad is more challenging because when you're just going on a short vacation you can prepare yourself and make sure you have everything you need for the short time period. But living is more difficult because you can't always bring all that you need with you. Or you can't find the things you need/want depending on where you are. For Example: I would love a patty and some cocobread...but that's never ever gonna happen in this country :(
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Monique Simpson When I was deciding on which country to live in in Latin America, my mom & sis both said Chile b/c they had a wonderful vacation. I moved down there and left after 6 months b/c the reality of living in Chile was beyond rough, especially on a teacher's salary and being black/morena. I couldn't afford to live like a tourist and stay in the nice area, and take a taxi and eat in nice restaurants. My salary made me live like a local. And because I wasn't doing the tourist things, I was treated like a black Latina/Colombiana, which means a lot of racism. I also experienced this reality check in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Ecuador. I think trying to live as much as possible like the locals, is the big difference in traveling vs living abroad.
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Shauna Griffiths yeah vacation abroad and living abroad are totally different experiences. for sure!!!!
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Kim Tae-Hee I feel like the vacation is more challenging because time is limited to see things that are glorified for tourist. So you wind up living lavishly and have fun during your stay, while trying to maximize on relaxation. However, being among the natives allow one to fully embrace the culture living abroad! Many tourists are oblivious to the true culture and generally go on vacation to escape their native land instead of learning the ins and outs on a single vacation. Nonetheless, both have their challenges!
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Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)