What is the best thing about living abroad?

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What is the best thing about living abroad?

Krystal Hampton being outside of your natural country and experiencing a country first hand and not by what you were told by others.
November 9 at 4:37pm · Unlike ·  4

Lileko Lishomwa meeting new interesting people, experiencing new cultures and the food
November 9 at 6:29pm · Like ·  1

Nicole Brewer I think being able to live in a different culture and immersing yourself in it while learning about yourself. Also travel and food ;-).
November 9 at 7:08pm · Like ·  1

Kendra Corley Being able to share my experiences with others which gives them a different outlook on life.
November 9 at 7:21pm · Unlike ·  4

Terrell Pasley Meeting new people with open minds (it takes one to travel). Travel and living abroad completely changes your view of the world.
November 9 at 7:51pm · Like ·  3

Kim Tae-Hee Gaining knowledge first hand, which no one can take away from us! Taking awesome pictures and adding new chapters to our story of life that often impresses others! I'm always a better woman when I return to the USA! :-)
November 9 at 9:41pm via mobile · Like ·  1

Jamasian Kiana Christie Honestly, feeling like an important woman. Each time I leave the states, people are asking for my opinion or that I can stay and see where the relationship goes. haha Feels good to be wanted so openly. Some countries have a foreigner craze.
November 10 at 5:06am · Like ·  1

Aakhu TuahNera Freeman adventure and expansion
November 10 at 9:59pm · Like ·  2

Eve Teacha' BEING ABLE TO LIVE. Having the schedule that I desire to do the things I love. I am able to exercise, write, hike, take photos, play tennis and do ALL the things that I LOVE to do, without the added stress of POLICE, CAR NOTES, HIGH INSURANCE RATES, and ALL the other RIDICULOUS EXPENSES AND STRESS FACTORS that we have in the states. I have a much more peaceful life here. And I am grateful for that.
November 11 at 2:09pm · Like ·  4

Nithoska Anderson I completely agree with you Eve Teacha' re: "stress factors that we have in the states." I've lived in Panama, Germany, Maryland, and now South Korea. Living overseas the quaility of life is far better. Individuals tend to be more family oriented, sharing and spending time together with others is highly important. Everything is just not working,working,working to pay a car note, insurance, and then you really don't enjoy life because your constantly working. Blessings :-)
November 12 at 12:00pm · Like ·  1
Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)