What are some items from your home country that you would recommend newcomers bring?

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What are some items from your home country that you would recommend newcomers bring?

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What are some items from your home country that you would recommend newcomers bring to their new teaching post? (Ex.. Korea: bring Koolaid packs, Lil Debbie snacks and Mrs. Dash seasonings :)

Tiny Shim Toilet tissue, Deodorant, Hair care products, towels, wash cloths, movies, books and a laptop.

Lena Tisdale tampons, makeup, lotion, if you use a specific face wash bring that, toothpaste (they don't do fluoride toothpaste in Korea)
Tuesday at 11:01am · Like ·  3

Dara Coleman deodorant, toothpaste, seasonings, sheet sets (I can't find a flat sheet here under 70,000won), underwear,tights and bras
Tuesday at 12:37pm · Like ·  4

Rachel Thomas Hair products especially if they are natural.
Tuesday at 12:58pm via mobile · Like ·  5

Rachel Thomas And games such as scrabble, taboo etc
Tuesday at 12:59pm via mobile · Like ·  2

Terri Davis Good hair conditioner. The water is pretty harsh.
Tuesday at 1:09pm via mobile · Like ·  1

Stephanie Brown All the good black products. Ex. black soap, shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils.
Tuesday at 1:10pm · Like ·  5

Lileko Lishomwa Bras and marmite
Tuesday at 2:23pm · Like

Monica Walker Peanut butter, coffee, spices and definitely any black cosmetics you can find! Somehow I don't think Korean cosmestics stock anything in my lucious mocha shade! Oh, and if I could have fit it in my luggage...one of those egg crate bed bads...I might as well be sleeping on the floor for as hard as my bed is!
Tuesday at 2:24pm · Like ·  2

Monica Walker pads not bads...sorry :)
Tuesday at 2:25pm · Like

Lisa Maria Swedarsky yes definitely your favorite spices, flavored coffee creamers if you like coffee creamer, I have found most everything I need over here though. Many have said that if you wear a larger size shoe they are hard to find here..
Tuesday at 10:44pm · Like ·  1

Sharon Holmes LOTS of sulfate free shampoo, b/c the water here is harsh. Like evy1 else said makeup, BRAS (if ur not an A-B cup ur screwed here), panties. Other necessary hair products and skin care products your used to.
Tuesday at 11:44pm · Like ·  1

Tiffany Marcella Lewis Enough clothes for a year, keeping in mind the different seasons. I know that goes without saying, but I was ill-prepared my first summer here. I had NO weather-appropriate work clothes. My co-teachers actually thought it was funny :(
Wednesday at 12:45am · Like ·  1

Marshalette Wise hair gel
Wednesday at 12:52am · Like

Stacey Foster Black hair products, deodorant, sensitive skin soap, facial cleanser
Wednesday at 1:28am · Like ·  3

Stacey Foster Korean spices are pretty fine to use. I used salt, black pepper, garlic, onions to season my food. btw has anyone here tried the oyster sauce to cook their chicken (or whatever else)? It's divine! Yummmmm
Wednesday at 1:30am · Like

Trina Roach In the beginning, I used to almost bankrupt my parents with my requests to send me this or that. When I was home I had a "to eat" list, which included hoagies, Philly cheese steaks, egg foo yung, Pop Tarts, etc. And needless to say, I used to come back from every trip home with suitcases full of as many of the things I thought I couldn't live without as possible...

Now, though - with the exception of clothes (due to the price), English-language books, and (some) make-up haircare products - I find I'm hard-pressed to think of anything I seriously miss when I'm in the States. There are just too many things that are readily available here if I really had a hankering for them, as well as equally good - or superior - local products. I much prefer European chocolate because of the superior quality of even the "normal" brands; I'm not interested in too many processed foods, so Eggos and Pop Tarts, etc., aren't on my list; I grow my own herbs or buy them fresh at a local market, and love to experiment with the spices available here.
Wednesday at 2:00am · Like ·  2

Lisa Hayes Well, I LOVE Korean food, so perhaps my books and making sure I have laptop with skype, or facetime on it.
Wednesday at 6:25pm · Like ·  1

Sophia Walker DEODORANT!!!! Koreans don't really use it and when you can find it, it costs about $8. Bring at least 2 months worth to start out with. You should bring specialty spices like jerk seasoning or extracts if you're into cooking. I brought pumpkin spice extract and mango extract for my famous pancakes ;-)and make military friends they can get you on base to get "Western" things from the PX/commissary I go once a month:-)
Wednesday at 7:52pm · Like ·  2

Trina Roach I agree on the deodorant, too, Sophia. Although there are a lot of (also inexpensive) deodorants on sale here, German products simply don't seem to do the trick. Americans tend to go overboard when it comes to commercialized personal hygiene, but a good deodorant is a must, and I hoard my "Secret" like it was gold....
Wednesday at 9:29pm · Like ·  2

Stephanie Brown If your looking for a natural deodorant you can use extra virgin coconut oil. If you want to order from a website you can order from Iherb.com. They deliver internationally and they usually get you your products within 3-5 days. Please enter a special code for first time buyers discount VUP212.
Wednesday at 9:37pm · Like ·  3

Sophia Walker Really Trina! The ONLY form of deodorant I've see here was a roll on by Nivea...oh yeah and I've seen some on the "American black market" lol
Wednesday at 9:56pm · Like ·  2

Stephanie Brown ‎Sophia Walker and boy don't they charge a fortune on the American Black Market.
Wednesday at 10:08pm · Like ·  2

Jo Gan I have lived in China for 4 years now....
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Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)