What FEARS did you have to remove before you could actually take the leap and move abroad?

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What FEARS did you have to remove before you could actually take the leap and move abroad?

Krystal Hampton I had only one fear: If I did decide to sell my home and my car for a new life abroad will this life overseas tank? Will I be left with nothing? Is the risk of losing it all worth seeing the world? I decided to take the plunge because my wealth was "implied". I didn't own my home, the bank owned it as well as my car. I would work longer hours with less time for me to live in exchange of borrowing to own items that cannot give me pure joy. All that work, for a house and car. Yay me. My move overseas was a financial move. I'm actually making money and owning items. Here it's not "implied" wealth; it is wealth. I had to get over what I've been told so many years that " buying a house and a car meant that you've made it" because it was a lie. It was debt slavery and this slave wanted to be free.
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Krystal Hampton I cannot see the world working 60 plus hours a day with only two weeks of vacation. I cannot try new things if most of my time I'm in the office working. I cannot wear clothes that I want to wear or say politically incorrect things because I'm around my coworkers and things that I say may be used against me later. Things that I want to wear can prohibit a promotion. I because of that I cannot have an opinion nor an emotion other than pseudo happy....despite I may dislike something. I couldn't live like that for the remainder of my life. If I would have stayed home and kept my house and my car and worked all of those hours; when I finally looked around at my life I probably would have wondered...where did my life go? what did i do with my life that i can take with me? Is this really how i wanted my life to be?
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Cha Jones Girl......PREACH!!!!
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Eve Teacha' REALLY --- NONE!!!!!! I feared the FOOD --- but, I cook --- and, I knew that I could overcome that "obstacle". Besides the fear of the food ----- I had no other serious concerns, because I KNEW that this was what I needed to do with my life, and I trusted that GOD would take care of any small "issues" I may experience along the way.
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Kim Tae-Hee ditto Eve! i cook everything esp being Vegan. Its always a challenge living abroad but I adapt and ... slim down! lol!
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