Practicing your faith while living in the Middle East...

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Practicing your faith while living in the Middle East...

Original Question copied from our FB group:

Trina Roach: For the many ladies who (have) live(d) in the Middle East (esp. those who are strong in their Christian faith), what - if any - limitations did you encounter vs. living in other places in the world? How much did your sense of personal freedom - incl. freedom of worship - depend on living in mainly expat communities vs. living closely integrated into the local population? Also: What is the dating scene like for single women?


Alona Elisha Ballard I can only speak for the UAE, which is very liberal when it comes to the practicing of Christianity. There are Christian churches here and there are Christmas decorations in every supermarket.
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Andrea Tee Yes Ditto what Alona said. I am in Abu Dhabi and was amazed to see Christmas decor in the local supermarkets and even heard a radio advertisement. And the dating scene for me anyways is nonexistant (thus far). It could have something to do with my location. I am actually in the far West of Abu Dhabi which is the desert and not the city. There is a German oil company somewhere here and I occassionally run into some of the male workers in the mall, but those are very few instances. And we don't have a church here in the West yet.
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Trina Roach Thanks, Alona and Andrea. My friend, Regina Walker, spent some time teaching there, too, and I am interested in hearing more about (esp.) women's experiences in the region.
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Deniece A Jones I have yet to see a church in Oman, when I was in Egypt they were scarce especially if it was in English, went to an expat church only once, but they sell a lot of Christmas trees and decorations in the streets..... the dating scene is on the DL in the Middle East countries, especially if it's with a local, but there are a lot of single men ready and waiting, the dynamics are just different than what we are use to...
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Trina Roach ‎Deniece, do you know anyone who's actually married a local and stayed on to start a family, etc.?
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Deniece A Jones yes Trina, I married an Egyptian, but haven't started a family yet...I know another sista that is married to an Egyptian and she is still there now...
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Trina Roach Thanks! Now that you mention it, I do believe I saw you comment about that on another thread, Deniece. I would be very interested in hearing more about what it's like to marry into a different culture. Maybe we can continue the discussion sometime, e.g. via Skype.
Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)