Living abroad is only for the strong!

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Living abroad is only for the strong!

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Josephine Ngaluafe PREACH girly! ♥
November 22 at 1:45pm · Like ·  2

Crystalyn Davis Diglin What recruiter did go through to get your job in Saudi?
November 22 at 1:47pm · Like ·  1

Kim Tae-Hee true indeed! left SoKo and headed to Japan! life gets better! :D
November 22 at 1:48pm · Like ·  2

Stacey Foster True and coming back home after living abroad you realize life is easier abroad even with a bigger paycheck back home! Real talk!
November 22 at 2:06pm · Like ·  3

Desiree Monet I agree. I know many people who had horrible times in Korea, but I truly did enjoy myself. What an incredible experience.
November 22 at 2:13pm · Like ·  2

Kim Tae-Hee well NoKo did attack and it was pretty scary since i was too close for comfort! lol #ijs
November 22 at 2:24pm · Like

Stacey Foster The checks are bigger at home but you don't see the money because its only bills..bills...bills.! lol.
November 22 at 2:27pm · Like ·  2

Stacey Foster Ignorance is bliss. People will talk and go off of what they know...which is little...especially about other countries. I wish I could've came there and accepted the job but I can't do that anymore with my family. Gotta stay put now. Enjoy it ladies!
November 22 at 2:28pm · Like

Kim Tae-Hee so true Stacy Stacey Foster! Plus living overseas we are almost forced to leave below or within our means, which is opposite of being in the USA!
November 22 at 2:28pm · Like

Stacey Foster ‎Kim Tae-Hee you are right. And back home there is so much temptation to spend your money because you have everything at your disposal.
November 22 at 2:30pm · Like ·  1

Tasha Blackwell Who had a terrible time in Korea and why didn't I know them? I could have changed that in a weekend. Every place has its struggles. I think people fear what they don't understand and what they are willing to try to discover. And where did you all live in Korea? No temptation I was tempted to buy
November 22 at 2:39pm via mobile · Like ·  3

Tasha Blackwell Not willing that is
November 22 at 2:41pm via mobile · Like

Stacey Foster I didn't really have a terrible time in Korea beause I sure as hell missed it when I!
November 22 at 2:41pm · Like ·  1

Stacey Foster and yeah I bought a lot on GMarket but I didn't buy too much locally. Living in L.a. you're tempted to buy, constantly look good, eat out, hang out, keep up with the Joneses, etc. etc. Thats the comparison I'm making
November 22 at 2:42pm · Like

Kim Tae-Hee yea Stacey Foster i lived in NYC! not as bad as LA however temptation is everywhere! lol so SoKo was great for teh simple fact my circle of friends also wanted to live within their means! i enjoyed my year there, but I knew that I needed to work smarter NOT harder... Japan here I come! the Yen is wassup right now! :D
November 22 at 2:47pm · Like ·  1

Stacey Foster ‎Kim Tae-Hee sounds like a plan girl. Make that money...Don't hurt nobody!
November 22 at 2:47pm · Like ·  2

Kim Tae-Hee lol thanks Stacey Foster!
November 22 at 2:53pm · Like

Ashley Brown Well put!
November 29 at 10:34am · Like

Eve Teacha' Fantastic Comments!!!!!!
November 29 at 12:50pm · Like

Tiny Shim ‎Tasha Blackwell, I'm having a "time" in South Korea. Can you help a sister out? After being here, I'm thinking I don't even want to travel much anymore :0(
November 29 at 1:20pm · Like

Brothas&Sistas of South Korea
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November 29 at 1:29pm · Like ·  1 ·

Tiny Shim ‎Marshalette Wise, I recently have. I haven't met anyone yet though. Thank you :0)
November 29 at 1:31pm · Like ·  1

Ebony Bowens Well put! I would've never made it to Japan if I listened to negative people! Thank God I went for it!
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