Ladies please tell me at least 5 things you feel are important before you decide to move abroad.

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Ladies please tell me at least 5 things you feel are important before you decide to move abroad.

Aakhu TuahNera Freeman I can't answer your question exactly, but I can say that if you've already decided to move abroad, 1) Get your home support system in place. If you want to pay your bills, keep your house and car until you get back, you're going to need someone (more than one, probably) to handle your business for you. 2) Cultivate your patience and peacefulness. It will sustain you through all. Even when you lose it, it will come back quicker if you've put some energy into it beforehand. 3) Learn everything you can about where you're going. 4) Get some language skills if you have enough time. 5) Continue to study the language once you get there - even if you can get by without it.
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Nicole Felicia McCoy Hair products
Hair stylist
Jiff Peanut butter - comfort food
Shoes for all weather and seasons in your size
Internet connections

Call me shallow, but these things became viable. I'm sitting here right now with split ends and no one to cut my hair.
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Nicole Felicia McCoy No, I'm in Morocco, but when I was in Korea, I couldn't get it cut there either.
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Krystal Hampton ‎1. emergency flight money 2.medicine/first aid 3. heavy jacket/boots and summer clothing 4. a phone with skype or voip 5. a job or money to start up abroad
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Monique Simpson ‎1. know your limits (i can do cold showers; i can't compromise on a decent bathroom) 2. high levels of independence (sometimes other foreigners are wack and you have to ride solo) 3.strong sense of self (family won't always understand your motives for leaving the promise land aka usa) 4. a great smile (positive energy helps to overcome language barriers) 5. escape routes (you never know...)
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Karen Milord Access to communication. Language barrier. Perception of and exposure to black people. Money. Entertainment.
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Talia Ashley I lived in Seoul, South Korea for nearly 4 years and I had the greatest experience until I had to leave. The one valuable item I learned we needed (NEXT TO EVERYTHING MY SISTERS STATED ABOVE) was/is humility, openness, appreciation, and love.
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Talia Ashley Body language is everything -- until you learn the language. Pay close attention to their body language and be cognizant of your own.
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Talia Ashley This speaks volumes -- it can be the difference between your host country being kind to you -- or not. You will not learn every important custom before you arrive -- and at some period during your stay -- but kindness, appreciation, and warm smiles speak louder than words.
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Talia Ashley Not to mention, their body language -- (eye movements, hand motions, stance) will tell you everything, if you closely observe. Additionally, tone in voice and etc. This helped me quite a bit, while there. Many doors were opened for me, due to this. And many problems were avoided because of this. Thank you for starting this much needed group.
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Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)