If you could start a business abroad to help life away from home be a little more like home what would it be?

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If you could start a business abroad to help life away from home be a little more like home what would it be?

Hey ladies. Im loving all the wonderful sharing. So the question for today is... if you could start a business abroad to help life away from home be a little more like home what would it be?

Marian D. Willis good question! the options for expats to start a business seems limitless in some countries... i like the concept of the 'tharrivalstore.com' but i would make it more affordable n bigger variety.
November 11 at 1:14pm · Like ·  1

Eve Teacha' A laundromat and a restaurant that serves OUR delicious "American type" food items. ;)
November 11 at 1:16pm · Like ·  1

Aakhu TuahNera Freeman In Korea, I'd increase the number of laundromats - with lots of dryers.
November 11 at 1:16pm · Like ·  3

Kim Tae-Hee I would like to establish a community center of resources where Americans can come to get a better understanding of how to find comparable substitutes for food and other things that would help us adapt easier to the new culture. Sometimes the culture shock is a bit overwhelming!!! :D
November 11 at 1:29pm · Like ·  2

Eve Teacha' If anyone has any "RICH" connections or possible investors out there --- I would LOVE to do a business venture with anyone who is interested in opening a laundromat and/or a restaurant in Korea (more specifically in Jeonju). GET --- AT ---- ME.
November 11 at 1:31pm · Like
Cha Jones I would love if there was cost effective shipping service and mail box etc. Man if only could get shipments of clothes and shoes when I wanted I'd be like America what!
November 11 at 5:31pm · Like ·  3

Tiny Shim As a licensed cosmetologist I'd definitely want to open shop to take care of sisters hair. I'd also like to have an American food restaurant and classy club for the more sophisticated crowd!
November 11 at 6:56pm via mobile · Like ·  2
Cha Jones A good Soul Food restaurant would be the BOMB! I would also like if there were more reasonable international markets with a variety of fresh food, dairy, and meats (including turkey).
November 11 at 7:05pm · Like ·  1

Charea Johnson When I'm visiting my friends in the military on base, it feels like I'm in America. So, I'd love the opportunity to have a 'boutique' with regular size clothes! The average size in America is 14 and that's my size! And a size 10 shoe, as well! My main option is online shopping and I dislike it! My life would be easier if I had access to my size...^^
November 11 at 11:45pm · Unlike ·  2

Cha Jones Charea I agree food and clothes are what I really miss about being home. I would also like to have a place where I can ship my own home goods, but I'm working up to that. :)
November 11 at 11:47pm · Like ·  1

Kim Tae-Hee Ditto Charea! I had quite a few pple i knew on base in SK. Now I'm moving to Japan and start all over again!!! Do you have any connections in Japan who are open to meeting new friends (strictly) lol?!!
November 11 at 11:49pm · Like

Charea Johnson Thanks:) Yes, we adjust to every environment we are subjected to here. But I really miss certain things...Right now, I would like some "Oreo" cookies FROM THE USA...LOL
November 11 at 11:51pm · Like
Cha Jones Girl you know you can get Oreo cookies from the store...the real ones from like 7 eleven....
November 11 at 11:53pm · Like

Charea Johnson Oh, I MEANT "Double STUFF"...LOL
November 11 at 11:54pm · Like

Cha Jones Ok
November 11 at 11:54pm · Like
Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)