How is the dating scene in other countries? Has anyone struggled with long distance relationships? Met other travelers/expats abroad? Or interracial dating in general?

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How is the dating scene in other countries? Has anyone struggled with long distance relationships? Met other travelers/expats abroad? Or interracial dating in general?

Marian D. Willis
To any woman that would like to comment. How is the dating scene in other countries? Has anyone struggled with long distance relationships? Met other travelers/expats abroad? Or interracial dating in general?

Jwo Womy Womizzle Recently I started going out on dates with Korean men and I have found the experience to be really rewarding. Back in the states I was an interracial dater so making the transition was not hard. There are some cultural differences and thats probably true anywhere. Its interesting here because either the guy is smoothering or so aloof that you forget if he even exists
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Mahogany Brown Girl dating in Morocco is crazy, weird, and interesting all at the same time.
November 12 at 11:28pm · Like ·  1

Terrell Pasley Morrocco, wow!! Mahogany Brown- now that is a big leap and I have done some major travels. Maybe wierd dating, but Morroccan guys are cuties ;o) Generally, dating in foriegn countries only requires (again) an open mind and a willingness to try something new. Cultural issues most certainly will ALWAYS be looming but sometimes it may be worth it to try to adapt and overcome. Agree with Jwo Womy Womizzle, I dated interacially in the US so trying in a new place wasn't a huge stretch in spite of culturally wierd things that pop up occasionally.
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Marian D. Willis Thanks ladies!
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Jwo Womy Womizzle Check this out!
November 15 at 3:40pm · Like ·  1

Nikki Sheppard I don't do anything BUT date men from Europe. I've not had anyone domestic for quite some time. I'd STRONGLY advovate this pratice to black women. We don't get the same romantic options stateside. Period.
November 16 at 12:49am · Like ·  7

Kim Tae-Hee I've struggled with a long distance relationship, but we both worked it out! Her being part owner of the family business really gives her much flexibility with work! I'm truly blessed to have a strong woman by my side as I continue to live abroad!
November 16 at 1:45am via mobile · Like ·  3

Tiny Shim I haven't dated in years. Now that I'm in South Korea I have plenty of time to date but I have no idea how to start. I will say that I would prefer a sister though. Can anyone help? #Just asking.
November 16 at 7:53pm · Like

Mahogany Brown Dating in Morocco is not that easy. I swear everyone is looking for a way out. Annnnd I'm not trying to be that little green card out! (That's real)
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Sophia Walker WHATEVER YOU DO STAY AWAY FROM MILITARY MEN!!! I cant speak for 100% but I am willing to say about 75% of them are predators, uneducated and classless... And about 50% of that 75% have a wife and kids waiting on them back home... It can get EXTREMELY MESSY...
November 18 at 6:45pm via mobile · Like ·  10

Marian D. Willis ‎Sophia Walker ooo-weee LOL thnx for the heads up
November 18 at 7:40pm · Like

Crystalyn Davis Diglin I met my husband (who's European) in South Korea, we married in the USA and we are currently living in New Zealand raising our growing family. I too support black women to date European men. There's something different about the experience and ya never know when you might fall in love.
November 18 at 8:14pm · Like ·  5

Kim Tae-Hee ‎@Tiny: just like Sophia said about the men, it's almost just as true as the females. Many whom just want a snuggle buddy. I going that there are quite a handful of lesbians overseas however. Many rare looking for anything serious...and don't be surprised if they been around the way because it's def send like everyone knows everyone else. Being with each other became more of a convenience. So if you are going to date do it wisely and really get to know their sexual history bc it def gets messy, no bueno. Good luck!
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Kim Tae-Hee Know* rarely* it def seems*
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Sophia Walker I can't with the military community... Everyone is doing everybody it's disgusting...
November 18 at 11:10pm via mobile · Like ·  1

Tasha Blackwell Lol at abroad has been promising for me. While in Korea I dated a few Americans and a Nigerian all for the most part positive. There is also a heavy lesbian and gay population in kora so don't worry I'm sure you will find someone. Also try to open yourself up to the idea that he or she may not be brown. Now that I'm in Dubai dating is scary since there is heavy prostitution amongst foreign women. I've been on a few dates one with a man from France another from Syria one from Kenya and one American. I havent found my match as of yet but I did just get here.
November 19 at 12:39am via mobile · Like ·  3

Alana D Allen Sorry for the following long post lol but:

In America..i loved me some black men...there is just something about them...i only dated interracially once..and it wasn't becasue i was not attracted to other was just, i wanted to date a man who is himself…in the south where I’m from, the majority of the guys who dated black girls felt like they had to act a certain way..not cool at all…lol
But before I came to korea I had this idea about korean men..and them not being “manly” enough for me..i even posted a status on fb telling everyone there was no way in the WORLD I would come back home with a Korean…then I got here …things in the game dun changed…
Since I’ve been here I’ve gotten a lot of interest from Korean men…I have had no problems getting flirted with, asked out, etc, etc. One guy I work with loves to tell me about my hair (its natural) and how great it looks on me…I’m getting more play here than in America…a lot of men have come up to me and told me they love black women...this is the weirdest most awesomest thing I have experienced
November 19 at 8:45am · Like ·  3

Sophia Walker Not in Daegu smh... Korean men always hit on me in Seoul but never anywhere else...:(
November 19 at 8:47am · Like

Alana D Allen Girl I live in the Boondocks lol..i still get hit on..every Korean woman I know has tried to hook me up with their sons, grandsons, cousins, acquaintances.. lol...i will be in Daegu 2 weeks from now so we will see :)
November 19 at 8:50am · Like ·  3

Tiny Shim I have to say that the Korean men do seem to like African-American women and some Korean women have tried to hook me up with them. I have not had to much trouble in regards to race even though I'm in a "country" town. I think I'll continue to go solo. What's a few more years? Thanks ladies! :0)
November 19 at 9:47am via mobile · Like ·  1

Tiny Shim Happy dating to you all! :0)
November 19 at 9:47am via mobile · Like

Jamasian Kiana Christie lol I won't be going solo if they look like Bi Rain, So Jisub, Micky Yuchun, etc.
November 19 at 9:52am · Like ·  4

Tiny Shim I don't know who they are but I assume they're very good looking :0)
November 19 at 10:03am · Like ·  1

Tasha Blackwell Lol to Daegu because last I remember that where they put a lot of us. Men love us of all color. They just have little experience approaching us.
November 20 at 10:07pm via mobile · Like ·  2

Stacey Foster Good men are everywhere. As a matter of fact you might meet someone who is better to you than any man from the U.S. especially how some of these negroes at home be! You just have to keep your eyes and your mind open. I did!
November 21 at 8:51am · Like ·  3

Jacqueline Lewis I have met an array of beautiful men in every color of the rainbow. I found the dating sites like to be most beneficial when looking for a GREAT MAN!.. they are out there ladies, and waiting on us to return... TRUST ME... they are! :) me
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Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)