How has living abroad changed what you knew to be true about yourself?

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How has living abroad changed what you knew to be true about yourself?

Kendra Corley That I can adapt in any environment.
November 10 at 9:50pm · Like

Eve Teacha' I have realized that I am WAYYYYYYY more social than I EVER thought I was. I LOVE to spend time alone. However, being in another country has shown me that I REALLY CHERISH my close relationships and friendships. I didn't realize HOW MUCH I NEED to have very close relationships with people until spending 6 months here alone. I have ALWAYS lived with someone --- ALL OF MY LIFE. First my family ---- then my boyfriend ---- then my husband and family. These past two years have been the first time that I've ever lived ALONE. Again --- I LOVE my alone time. BUT ---- I MISS my family and close friends MUCH MORE than I ever imagined I would. I KNEW that I would miss everyone. However --- I didn't know that I would miss them THIS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLLLLL ;)
November 11 at 1:48pm · Like ·  2

Jessica Fry That I can adapt and still stay true to who I am!
November 11 at 1:55pm via mobile · Like ·  3

Kim Tae-Hee Ditto Jessica!
November 11 at 1:58pm · Like

Terrell Pasley Agree with Jessica Fry, although who I am evolves slightly each time I adapt.
November 12 at 9:15am · Like
Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)