How do you live abroad and have the lifestyle you want?

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How do you live abroad and have the lifestyle you want?

Original statement/question:

Interesting enough I have had the mortgage lifestyle and the only thing I miss about it is living in the house (I can do without the However, am I the only one that feels like (not being a teacher by profession, I just play one in Korea) that your lifestyle may suffer a little living abroad? Now, granted I go and do many of the same things I did at home, but being a teacher in Korea doesn't allow me to live like I lived in the states (nice home, nice kitchen, nice bathroom, etc.)(but very important). Is is just me or is it time for me to start living my purpose and not travel? (lmbo)

Kat Diaz Nope, you're not the only one to wonder that, but rather than not travel, I want to try and merge my life's purpose with travel and living abroad.
November 29 at 11:22pm · Like ·  1

Cha Jones I feel that...I'm in the process, but since it's a process it doesn't happen in my time. So, sometimes it feels like being abroad delays the things I desire. Although, I must say I live the life traveling and seeing things I can't see other than on TV. I just want my kitchen back!
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Kat Diaz Yeah, it definitely is a process, and feels like you are always dreaming rather than doing. I hear you on the kitchen, loud and clear. But, I like the money I'm saving, and the rent I'm not paying, lol.
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Cha Jones Right! I love the rent I am not paying. However, I miss my bed and my things. In time. In time!!!!!
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Trecia Em ‎Cha Jones I totally hear you on this! I miss my Scavolini kitchen too! but I love what Kat Diaz said about merging life's purpose with travel/ living abroad. BTW you are awesome to have started this group. This alone has great potential...
November 29 at 11:32pm · Like ·  2

Kat Diaz Yes, agreed. I love this group! What a great idea. I try not to get attached to things anymore, but it's hard. I may have delayed moving for 6 months for a cute little purple loveseat that I have, lol. There you go - the bald-faced truth, hahaha.
November 29 at 11:34pm · Like

Cha Jones ‎Trecia Em Thanks! I have BIG vision on this. I see greatness in the making. I am so happy that everyone is so positive and forthcoming with the sharing of information. I am working on a team for the next level. So, if you know anyone who wants to write or do some PR work inbox me, and again thanks so much for your support. I appreciate all of you.
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Andrea Tee I totally understand this sentiment. Teaching is NOT my passion, but I don't half-step with it either. I see it as one of many vehicles in this life journey that will allow me to see/do things I've always wanted. And though I like the idea of a house, I am too much of a nomad and get restless at the thought of staying put in one place for an extended time. The more I do things that I "have" to do, the more my passion is busting to be released. Yes in due time....very soon.
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Alana D Allen ‎...coming form someone who LIVES for HGTV...thr thought of a home is just..... lol...I would love to be picking out paint colors, and furniture..going antiquing..and looking for new paintings to grace my wall....but in the back of my mind I keep thinking who needs paintings when your own art from your travels will look even better...sigh...i feel you on the kitchen tho...i miss fireplaces and yards most of all
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Kim Tae-Hee ‎@Cha... I def feel you on the delay, and agree with what tr others are saying above, but perhaps you should traveling for shorter stints of time to maintain momentum! :-) go to places that leave you further than you arrived! :-)
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Aakhu TuahNera Freeman You are not alone. I miss my house. I miss my medium sized kitchen with its less than ideal counter space. I miss my small bathroom. I will never complain about either again after living the true meaning of 'small' and 'less than ideal' here in the ROK. However, I don't feel like I'm off purpose at all. Travel is part of my purpose. I just couldn't do it and my real vocation at the same time - yet! ;-)
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Cha Jones Thanks Aakhu TuahNera Freeman....I'm loving the "YET" In due time we will have it!
November 30 at 10:50am · Like

Danver Chandler if your goal is to "help" people in your life, perhaps you must focus on "helping" and not on that teaching part, teaching becomes the tool for what you will actually do (and I imagine many people endeavor to do just that, help...though perhaps I'm wrong..perspective may help in this situation)
November 30 at 10:53am · Like

Cha Jones Well Danver Chandler teaching is not the issue at all it's missing the lifestyle that you once had. Teaching provides a living while being able to live and travel abroad, but the question was more about missing ones lifestyle back home. However, I agree. I am a certified Life Coach and I love helping people and I do know what my passion and purpose is and teaching fits in I'm good just wanted to know if others that miss the lifestyle.
November 30 at 10:58am · Like

Danver Chandler perhaps I misread, I assumed the lifestyle was partially being met - then there were mentions of nice "things" one misses... - maybe we have expectations or we are programmed to want/desire certain things at a certain age/period in our lives - and we are unable to just enjoy the flow and wonderful opportunities of this life right now...perhaps there's nothing to miss, we just think we don't have it...I don't know but in Korea - you can have a luxury spa day (and take your girlfriends for practically nothing - and enjoy their company - I could not do such in the states (never could, with 5 years teaching experience and salary...).
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Cha Jones ‎Danver Chandler....It's all good. For me I built my own home and it was wonderful, and then I sold it and felt FREE. However, I think that I miss how I lived verses anything else. I live in Korea and I can do things I did at home. I have ate at 5 star restaurants, went to a spa days, etc. which is not too far from how I lived at home. However, on my teachers salary I can't afford to live in the nice apartments that military and contractor families live in, which is more like what I am use to. I don't take anything away from my experiences and I love being able to travel the world, but I have always traveled at home. I guess I want it "all" I want to be able to travel and see the world but live like I did at home. I love cooking and entertaining and I can't do that "at this time" in the same way living as a teacher here. Now, I am open to change, that is why I am here, but I posted this because I wanted to know if I was the only one who missed "living" a certain way. Thanks for the post I am loving all of this....all of you ladies are GREAT and give one a new way of looking at things!!
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Terrell Pasley Cha, have you considered seeing DoD or US Govt (civilian) jobs? Best of both worlds if you ask me...not that you did. Just saying.
November 30 at 11:35am · Like ·  2

Cha Jones ‎Terrell Pasley I spend my first year here trying my hardest to get in. I would qualify and always get beat out of a job because some retired military person got the job. So, I moved on and really asked myself some hard questions about what I need and want. I agree, it would be ideal!!! However, I think that maybe that is not my journey. :(
November 30 at 11:47am · Like

Terrell Pasley And I totally "get it". I have traveld to more than 30 countries (literally) and lived in several. I think after a while staying in hostels/jimjilbangs/10 people to a room/etc becomes very unappealing and totally get why you would miss things you are used. Example: I have been 2x to Santo Domingo, DR. The 1st trip I "roughed it" in a language immersion program living with a dominican family- no A/C, no hot water, power outages, etc. 2nd trip sheerly for travel, I stayed at the Hilton and had a much more pleasant experience :) I think it happens when you get a little older. When you upgrade, it is hard to go back. Hang in there.
November 30 at 11:50am · Like

Cha Jones I agree I'm 35 and know what I want. (not that age matters) I am so ummm.... anal about where I stay. I can't do roughing it. Living in the Korean apartments that are provided is roughing it enough for me. I am "special" I like really nice accommodation and hostels/jimijbangs are not it for me, not knocking anyone who stays in them, and there are some nice ones. I love the Hotel W and the Hilton. My family really wonders how I make it living here cause they know me, but I take the bad with the good and I know its all temporary and I had a goal. However, now I want to have my living arrangement meet my expectations. This year I have had to move 3 times and I didn't have AC, I have to travel and hour 1/2 to Seoul to do the things I like and the things that help advance me. So, I have roughed it enough for my liking for one year. Now, I'm putting my next venture together and asking for the things I want and need.
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Cha Jones Yes I will admit a bit...Bourgeoisie. LMAO
November 30 at 12:06pm · Like ·  2

Bridgette Jordan ‎Cha Jones Koreans tend to be on top of Starbucks and the like. Why can't they add a shower curtain and a tub? I don't get it. You can electrocute yourself blow drying your hair.
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Terrell Pasley Make that 2 of us Cha....
November 30 at 1:07pm · Like

Jessica Fry Cha Jones, I wish you the best and hope you get everything you want because I'm sure you deserve it!
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Tamara Buchanan ‎Cha Jones how long have you been in Korea??
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Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)