Has anyone pursued foreign investment?

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Has anyone pursued foreign investment?

Marian D. Willis
Thanks Nicole Felicia McCoy for bringing up financial portfolios! LADIES: Has anyone pursued foreign investment? I plan on traveling/living abroad a significant portion of my life, but I want to be smart about it. Honestly, putting all my eggs in my American basket sounds like a set up for failure (s/o to OWS). That's not to say that other countries are better BUT I'm sure the E.U. will clean up their act before America. With that being said, has anyone had success/feel secure with foreign markets??? Canada, Europe, and of course East Asia... all comments are appreciated!

Alana D Allen I have a friend who has (instead of sending her money home like alot of people) has instead put her money into a Korean CD. With rates at like 4-6% its a heck of alot better than sending money home just to incur fees or worse...just sit there
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A.G. Barlewi Wow! I for one have NO desire in investing in the US or securing a home back stateside. I am interested in foreign investment as well. Putting funds in a Korean CD is quite interesting and smart with such return rate. I wonder about rates on investing here in the Arab regions. Currently I'm in Egypt (wldnt invest in anything here, by the way) but whn I relocate to the Gulf region, i.e. The Emirates (Abu Dhabi), sure, the prospects are much higher and less risky.

Great Topic! And Nice to meet u ladies. Whr r u guys frm? I'm frm good ol'Mississippi!!!!
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Alana D Allen Hey honey!! I'm tennessee...should we schedule a hoedown? Lol
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Alana D Allen And btw i can only imagine the rates in abu dhabi? How is there currency compared to the dollar...i also wonder about investing in china...the yen is looking mighty good right about now
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Marian D. Willis YESSSS! Making money is always good convo for me :) Alana OK CDs sound worth checking out and China does look like a good bet. If we can't beat them, we might as well join them. A.G. please be safe, I hear its going down rt now in Egypt! How did you get set up for Abu Dhabi??? I would love to work there after SoKo. Sounds like a good place to invest too! And Im from Arizona... yeah we have black people here LOL
November 23 at 4:38pm · Like

Alana D Allen Marian...i think she has a KB account..but i heard KEB is decent as well....sooooo if ur here in korea that brings the black folk in Arizona to what??...2? ;)
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Jessica Fry Yea great topic...I have CDs at KB...but other than that, I'm looking for a fairly safe investment...I was advised to buy silver??
November 23 at 5:16pm · Like

Alana D Allen Jessica how was working with KB? I have a bank account there but i want to start a cd in feb/march...is it worth it?
November 23 at 5:18pm via mobile · Like

Jessica Fry Working with KB is great. I have had two kinds of savings accounts with them. The normal lump sum CD, not much money, less than 10mil, they gave me 3.56% interest, and it's only for 6mths because I thought I was leaving Korea soon. On the other plan I had them taking money out of my checking account after every payday and putting it into a CD, not sure if that kind of account has a different name...I was saving aggressively (2 million a month) and got 6% for signing a 12-24 month term...at a later time another bank teller mentioned to me that I could of gotten an even better deal on that...anyway, the best part is that you can break their CDs with no penalty, from my experience, so you have nothing to lose, only interest to gain! ( FYI...you get taxed on interest earned in savings accounts)
November 23 at 10:18pm · Like ·  2

Kim Tae-Hee Wow I sure wish I knew all that info a year ago when I banked with KB which is a great bank! I only collected my pension at the end of the year which was a really nice amount to come home with on to of my bonus so that was really niiiiice! Ask in ask I was able to reach my goal of securing a home, returning to my long time job, n purchased two vehicles after Korea leat year! Perhaps when I move to Japan in Jan I will inquire about investing to capitalize on the Yen! Btw I was born n raised NYC then moved to SC after I returned from Korea less than a year ago with my woman to be closer to my soon to be in-laws! Thanks for this awesome post Let's keep the networking up! :-)
November 24 at 12:10am via mobile · Like ·  2

Nicole Felicia McCoy I ditto all the remarks on the banks in Korea. I used Hana bank and was about to set up a CD of my own until I decided to move. Not sure how long I'll be in Morocco, but my bank here takes a set amount of money out of my account and puts it in savings for me - house rules. So I just have them move an additional amount that I set as well.
November 24 at 7:38pm · Like

Nicole Felicia McCoy Btw, I claim Texas but my home of record is Georgia.
November 24 at 7:39pm · Like

Kim Tae-Hee Oh cool Georgia! Me n my Lady plan to settle down in Georgia after our world wide journey!
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Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)