Has anybody had this experience of having people take your photos with/without asking? How have you handled it?

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Has anybody had this experience of having people take your photos with/without asking? How have you handled it?

Should I Be Mad That They Take My Photo Because I'm Black?


Monique Dehaney Yes in Japan and I throw a fit everytime !
November 30 at 4:48pm via mobile · Like

Temperance Bonner I've had it in Japan and here in Korea, and at first I had an issue with it, but now I realize that it's from general ignorance. They've never seen anyone like us before and they are usually nice about it.
November 30 at 5:19pm · Like ·  1

Monique Simpson My first experience was in Hong Kong and then a few days later on the Great Wall of China, 2001. I let some ppl take pics with me; others i just smiled and walked away. They hadn't seen black people before and were curious. I didn't feel too bad because they were staring at my white classmates, too. It just depends on my mood at the moment. But I don't get angry b/c I understand. And I'm aware that I take pics of everyday folks when I travel, so i can't get mad.
November 30 at 5:26pm · Like ·  3

Citrina Warren This has never bothered me. I always knew what it was about. You have to think about it, they live in a world everyone looks, acts, and speaks like them. The only time they see people of color is on TV/Movies. That or their teacher (english teacher) is a person of color.Thanks for sharing the article.
November 30 at 5:33pm · Like ·  2

Tamara Buchanan This happened to me in China as well. And similar to Monique Simpson on the Great Wall ( pretty much every where) I told people to take a picture with me instead of me. It was weird but understandable. Actually this happened when I was in Spain one night too with Rae Bell
November 30 at 7:38pm · Like ·  1

Stephanie Brown I hate when people are so adamant about taking my sons picture.
November 30 at 8:01pm · Like

Candice Flowers It was awkward and I almost felt like a celebrity in China, every time I turned around someone was taking a picture. I would be posing for my camera and random people would take a pic. It would get annoying when multiply people would want one, but most times I was ok with it.
November 30 at 8:47pm via mobile · Like ·  1

Trecia Em It never bothered me until I was traveling with a friend in Istanbul, Turkey. People were taking pictures of us like crazy, many not botherng to even ask or worse, trying to sneak shots. Most bizarre example: sitting on a bench along the Bosphorous river, we were having an intense philosophical conversation and suddenly this extended family--grannies, moms, kids,dads aunties and grandpas it seems--rolled up and were literally putting children in our laps about to take pictures. I was too shell-shocked to say anything but my friend was like, "um NO. Sorry we're not in the mood for picture taking just now." I was shocked because it never dawned on me to even consider saying no.
November 30 at 10:14pm · Like

June Blackwell I think you should embrace it...it's all good. Black is beautiful.
November 30 at 10:40pm · Like ·  2
Cha Jones I haven't but I will say that I have taken pictures of people because they are Korea. I know, but they are so funny sometimes.
November 30 at 10:47pm · Like ·  1

Ashley Brown I happened a lot in Korea.. But i try to look at it as my 5min of fame. Lol. Its hard to be 'unique' in the US, so just appreciate the attention when overseas. Plus, honestly, if i saw sum1 who had different features from the everyday crowd (Ex: dark skin person w/ natural sky blue eyes), i cant say that i wouldnt take a second look as well...
December 1 at 2:40am via mobile · Like ·  2

Kim Tae-Hee Yea I learned to embrace it and started doing it to them! Lol But as photographer I certainly have my techniques because I don't want to come off spiteful! Art is everywhere! :-)
December 1 at 3:56am via mobile · Like ·  1

Jamasian Kiana Christie I let them from the beginning because I thought it was cool. Also I would hear a lot of compliments so I knew they were taking it because they thought I looked good. I even take pictures with families on the same tours as me (so long as I can get out of there after). :D
December 1 at 4:46am · Like
Ms. Cha Jones (Seoul)