Costa Rica!! Do you speak English?

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Costa Rica!! Do you speak English?

La Terraza
Early one morning in April 2015 I traveled to the San Jose International Airport to greet a beautiful lady by the name of Therese from Atlanta.  Therese was totally excited and ready for new adventures while visiting us at La Terraza Guest House in Grecia, Costa Rica.

Usually, when we pick up guest from the airport, it takes them, at least, a couple of days before they feel adjusted to their new surroundings and are ready to explore on their own.  Those who seem to be most hesitant are single women traveling alone.  Many guests, traveling alone or not will say, "Jeanetta, I don't speak Spanish, how am I going to manage alone"?

Well, let me tell you Therese did not speak Spanish and still doesn't.  When she awoke the first day,  she got up finished the large custom breakfast Cristina prepared and got herself moving.  Almost immediately she found herself traveling around Costa Rica speaking English and English only.  It is amazing to see this lady in action!  Therese road local buses around the city and the country not knowing much about where she was going.  One day during her visit,  curiosity got the best of me.  I said to myself, "Jeanetta, you need to see how this single lady does it."   One day I asked to travel with her to Escazu, another city about a 45 to 50 minutes car ride.  It's especially a pretty good distance when riding on the bus.

My Spanish is pretty good, but I purposely did not say anything to assist her all the way to our destination.   Once we got on the bus, she asked all of her questions in English.  I'm talking English with that sweet southern accent.  Watching and listening to the helpful responses was incredible.  It brought joy to my heart and pride to my soul as so many people attempted to help her speak Spanish and interpret for her so the bus driver could understand exactly what she was saying.

Living in Costa Rica and speaking Spanish for so long, it was wonderful to witness that regardless of her inability to speak the language she didn't let that stop or pause her adventure.  Exactly what she came to Costa Rica to see and do she did, it was great!  Therese stayed with me about a month.  She was blessed to have enough time to experience truly the country and its wonderful people.  
Therese, thank you so much for sharing your adventure. "You Go Girl"
Jeanetta Owens